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Dr. Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC. LCSW

Jude LaClaire brings a depth of professional and life experience to each person, working in a compassionate and unique way to effect positive change.  Dr. LaClaire skillfully integrates family systems, neurobehavioral approaches, dream and imagery work, holistic psychotherapy and personality type, working with people of all ages, life styles, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.  Together with the individual, couple or family, she creates a safe enviroment to release trauma, emotional and physical pain, and acquire tools to live happier, fuller empowered lives.


Dr. LaClaire is the author of Life Weaving, a five book and three CD series on holistic problem solving.  For ten years she wrote a monthly mental health article for the Wellness Magazine and now contributes monthly articles to Evolving: A Guide for Conscious Living. ( All articles are available at www.evolving.com.)

Dr. LaClaire is available for individual, couple and family counseling, training, seminars and speaking engagements. 


  • Individual, family, relationship, children and adolescents
  • Neurobehavioral Programs

                   Mind Body Health Enhancement Program

                             Reduce stress/anxiety, negative emotions, release trauma/traumatic memories,                                     pain reduction

                  My True Body Program

                              Reduce cravings, increase desire for healthy foods, exercise, positive body image

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Addictions/Substance abuse issues and recovery
  • Grief issues
  • Interactice guided imagery for self-calming;  healing emotional and physical pain
  • Holistic counseling utilizing the resources of the client and their enviroment
  • Empowering each individual in the path to wellness


In Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., you will find Kansas City's foremost holistic counselor, educator and consultant. A published psychologist with thirty years of experience in mental health and education, Jude applies a blended, caring, natural approach for individual and groups in many diverse settings. Integrating family systems, depth psychology, dream and imagery work,multi-culture studies and personality type, she assists people through difficult journeys to attain vibrant emotional, physical and spiritual health. more information about holistic psychology

email: jude@kcholistic.com


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